PRODIGY™ Bimodal Catalyst

Our PRODIGY™ Bimodal Catalysts enable the production of Bimodal HMW HDPE in a single UNIPOL™ PE Process reactor. Product performance is equivalent to or better than dual/multiple reactor materials, while capital investments are 25% to 30% less than dual/multiple reactor process technologies.

Products that can be produced with PRODIGY™ Bimodal Catalysts include HDPE Bimodal films, pipe and blow molding.

UNIPOL™ Single Reactor Economics

Add flexibility to your business

Bimodal capability built into the catalyst instead of the process hardware enables an easier switch to bimodal product performance to adjust to marketplace conditions. Our transition technology makes it practical to produce bimodal HDPE film, the largest market segment for bimodal HDPE, as part of a grade slate with a variety of unimodal products.

Our technology also enables a series of operational and product-quality benefits:

Better economics

Investment savings for a single UNIPOL™ PE Process reactor for a 300 kta line versus multi-reactor technology are estimated to exceed $35 million. Operating costs, including utilities, provide up to 35% savings vs. cascaded slurry reactor technology.

Further savings are available to PE producers who use the flexible UNIPOL™ PE Process to manufacture products in multiple PE segments, such as HDPE (HMW film, blow molding and injection molding) and LLDPE.

Comparison of Capital Costs

The single-reactor UNIPOL™ PE Process technology offers up to 35% savings vs. dual/multiple PE technologies for a 300 kta capacity reactor.

Seize opportunities from bimodal HDPE growth

The market for bimodal HDPE is expected to grow by approximately 6 million tons between 2005 and 2016. Nearly 50% of the growth in HDPE will require bimodal products.

Bimodal HMW-HDPE Film Product Properties

Film continues to be the largest market segment for bimodal HDPE. PRODIGY™ Bimodal Catalysts can help capture market share, thanks to film grades that are expected to be fully competitive with commercial products made with slurry staged reactors.

Product attributes of bimodal resin produced with PRODIGY™Bimodal Catalyst include:

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