Chromium Catalysts (UCAT™ B, UCAT™ G, ACCLAIM™ K-100 Series)

Chromium catalysts produce resins that blend well with HP-LDPE, LLDPE and other polymers and offer a good balance of properties. Films produced with these resins are FDA-compliant and offer excellent bubble stability, low gel and good appearance.

HDPE Blow Molding Applications-Intermediate MWD

The UNIPOL™ PE Process using a certain chromium catalyst results in blow molding resins with good processability, good odor and taste properties. Applications include beverage bottles and household industrial chemical containers.

HDPE Blow Molding Applications-Broad MWD

For broad MWD blow molding applications, the UNIPOL™ PE Process using other chromium catalysts generates resins with excellent ESCR and impact strength. They also offer high melt strength and are well suited for end-use products including drums and other large parts.

HDPE Pipe Applications

The UNIPOL™ PE Process produces chrome-catalyzed resins of excellent processability, high resistance to crack growth and a broad heat-fusion window. These products are ideal for potable water, piping, irrigation tubing and similar end-use applications.

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