Ziegler-Natta Catalysts (UCAT™ A, UCAT™ J)

LLDPE Film Applications

The UNIPOL™ PE Process using Ziegler-Natta catalysts produces PE films with high tensile strength, impact strength, tear resistance, film stiffness and can be drawn down to thin gauges.

Molding Applications

In HDPE and LLDPE molding applications, the UNIPOL™ PE Process and Ziegler-Natta-based resins offer excellent moldability, high stiffness, fast molding cycles and low warpage. They have low taste and odor, and offer excellent ESCR and toughness over a broad temperature range. End-use applications include tote boxes, dish pans, tumbled lids, and crates.

Other Applications

Ziegler-Natta catalyzed products are also available for rotomolding, stretch tape and monofilament applications.

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