XCAT™ Metallocene Catalysts

Univation is the industry leader in inventing and commercializing metallocene catalyst technology.

Proven XCAT™ Metallocene Technology was developed specifically for the UNIPOL™ PE Process. It yields novel PE products with a higher level and improved balance of properties vs. conventional Ziegler-Natta-catalyzed PE resins.

Univation offers two XCAT™ Metallocene Catalysts, XCAT™ HP Catalysts and XCAT™ EZ> Catalysts. Resins produced from these catalysts feature outstanding toughness, clarity and improved processability vs. conventionally catalyzed resins.

Product highlights

XCAT™ Metallocene Catalysts deliver the ability to control polymer molecular structure, allowing independent manipulation of MWD, CD and long chain branching.

This results in resins with excellent clarity, controllable peak melting points, lower heat seal initiation temperatures and a broad sealing range. XCAT™ Metallocene Catalysts have narrow compositional distributions, resulting in superior toughness, high hot tack and faster line speeds.

Conversion to metallocene

Conversion of existing UNIPOL™ PE Process plants to use metallocene catalysts is fast and economical. A site survey can identify modifications that may be necessary. Typically, conversion investments are small and require no downtime. XCAT™ Metallocene Catalysts run in existing dry feeders, so there's no change to the catalyst feeding system.

When retrofitted to UNIPOL™ PE Process Gas Phase Process technology, Univation's XCAT™ Metallocene Catalysts deliver significant operating advantages.

Compared to non-metallocene catalysts, XCAT™ Metallocene Catalysts require significantly lower comonomer and hydrogen to achieve the same density, resulting in less comonomer consumption per ton of resin produced.

Lower levels of comonomer in the resin, combined with lower extractability levels resulting from the narrow compositional distribution, make these resins less sticky in the reactor than conventional LLDPE. For licensees, these benefits mean improved operations, cost savings, superior product quality and a broad range of product capability.

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