APC+™ software is a proven, integrated process control package that can dramatically enhance the performance of your UNIPOL™ PE Process unit. Engineered specifically for the UNIPOL™ PE Process, APC+™ is the ideal tool for ensuring that your plant runs at optimal efficiency and productivity, day in and day out.

For new plant licensees, APC+™ decreases control variability, increases aim-grade production and allows for more efficient operations long after the startup team has left the site.

For existing UNIPOL™ PE Process operators, the full benefits include maximum production rates and improved aim-grade operation within existing facility constraints.

With APC+™ you will experience the full benefit of Univation’s extensive commercial operating know-how and gas-composition control, production-rate control and maximization, and automated resin-property control.

Measurable business improvements

In commercial operations, APC+™ has demonstrated the following improvements:

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