UNIPOL™ PE Process licensees can access a complete package of capacity-expanding retrofit technologies ranging from simple reactor debottlenecking solutions to advanced Super Condensed Mode Technology – often for approximately 50% of the cost of new-build capacity. UNIPOL™ PE Process technology allows for improved economies of scale, frequently enabling producers to forego new construction.

PE Capacity Expansion Technology

Why Retrofit with Univation?

Expanded Capacity at a Lower Cost
Debottlenecking for increased capacity can involve a fraction of the capital cost and time required for new reactor construction. Univation’s capacity expansion technology (CET) also offers expansion opportunities if your space constraints prevent construction of a new reactor line.

Flexibility and Adaptability
Now you have the ability to add capacity faster and in smaller increments than would be possible through new reactor construction. Our retrofitting solutions let you phase in additional capacity at a pace that lets you grow with the market rather than overwhelming it. Incremental capacity expansion gives you the flexibility to manage your markets and respond quickly to new opportunities.

Complete Customization
Univation will help you examine the full array of retrofit alternatives available and recommend the solution that best meets your needs. Our retrofit technology is applicable across the full range of Univation's catalyst systems, including UCAT™ Ziegler-Natta and ACCLAIM™ advanced chrominum, XCAT™ Metallocene, and PRODIGY™ Bimodal Catalysts. Retrofit options start with conversion to condensed mode and extend all the way to Super Condensed Mode.

Unrivaled Expertise
No one in the industry has more experience with gas-phase PE process technology than the professionals at Univation Technologies. You have the confidence of knowing that our retrofit solutions have been proven in plants around the globe. The UNIPOL™ PE Process has over 140 reactor lines in 25 countries that are in operation or under design/construction phase, and Univation has helped many of them debottleneck their facilities with our proven capacity-increasing innovations.

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