PREMIER™ APC + 2.0 Control System

APC+™ Services

PREMIER™ APC+™ 2.0 Control System software is a proven, integrated process control package that can dramatically enhance the performance of your UNIPOL™ PE Process unit. Engineered specifically for the UNIPOL™ PE Process, APC+™ is the ideal tool for ensuring that your plant runs at optimal efficiency and productivity, day in and day out.

For new plant licensees, APC+™ decreases control variability, increases aim-grade production and allows for more efficient operations long after the startup team has left the site.

For existing UNIPOL™ PE Process operators, the full benefits include maximum production rates and improved aim-grade operation within existing facility constraints.

With APC+™ you will experience the full benefit of Univation’s extensive commercial operating know-how and gas-composition control, production-rate control and maximization, and automated resin-property control.

Measurable business improvements

In commercial operations, APC+™ has demonstrated the following improvements:

Operations Training

Univation's Operations Training provides UNIPOL™ PE Process licensees with targeted, on-demand training that translates into improved business performance. For new licensees, training programs help provide exceptional performance in the early months of operation. Experienced licensees apply the training to improve their operations performance, using the latest best practices.

Training programs are tailored to each licensee’s needs, environment, and goals. Training can be delivered in a classroom setting at your location or ours, using state-of-the-art simulators, or in a blended style combining classroom instruction, simulator instruction and in-plant instruction.

We've trained more than 1,500 people in all aspects of the UNIPOL™ PE Process.

Measurable business benefits

Technology and Performance Support

Univation's technology and performance support provides UNIPOL™ PE Process licensees with access to the latest technology improvements from leading UNIPOL™ PE Process producers and licensees participating in our UNIPOL™ PE Process technology exchange program.

Our support can help you compete effectively for a fraction of the cost of maintaining internal R&D, technology and support programs, and personnel.

Services include:

Measurable business benefits

Operations Improvement

Univation's Operations Improvement support offers UNIPOL™ PE Process licensees an efficient way to improve business profitability, providing access to the latest UNIPOL™ PE Process operating techniques and Univation experts for targeted on-site assistance.

The process: a team of your employees and Univation experts defines baseline performance for your plant. This team identifies opportunities for improvements and prioritizes them based on value potential. Over a defined period of time (typically 12 months), the team will implement improvements and carefully monitor performance. Performance data is continually reviewed so that recommendations and adjustments can be made as needed.

Improvements are thoroughly reviewed to ensure they translate into business value.

Measurable business benefits

Product Enhancement Services

Univation's Product Enhancement Services is a comprehensive package of product support and service improving your ability to deliver products targeting your customers’ needs, resulting in a product mix that increases the value of your UNIPOL™ PE Process resin business.

Services include:

Measurable business benefits

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