Agricultural Markets

Agricultural markets involve growing and moving of agricultural products from farm to consumer. Agricultural goods producers must utilize the most advantaged tools and technology available to increase crop yields, maximize water and resource usage, and extend the growing season.

Agricultural Films: Mulch, Greenhouse, Silage

Agricultural films are used to improve crop cultivation and protect agricultural products before, during and after harvesting. Applications for this end-use include mulching, tunnels, bale wrap and silage, and greenhouse film. Polyethylene is an excellent material for these applications because of its ability to produce large volumes of film required for mulch applications in an array of different colors to either stimulates or impede different types of growth. Furthermore, polyethylene delivers the high melt strength required to produce large bubbles for greenhouse film and coextruded structures for silage film. It also has good moisture barrier properties that allows retention of moisture and fertilizers in the soil when polyethylene is used in mulch film applications.

Agricultural Chemical Tanks

Agricultural chemical tanks are large tank designed to store a range of agricultural chemicals in the field, including liquid fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and other agricultural chemicals. Rotomolded medium density polyethylene tanks are ideally suited for these applications because they provide the required stiffness to prevent the tanks from buckling under applied weight along with high ESCR that provides both the required agricultural chemicals resistance as well as the ability to withstand outdoor environmental factors.


Micro-irrigation is an irrigation method that uses lower pressure and lower water flow than a traditional sprinkler system or standard crop irrigation system to maximize water utilization by focusing the water flow closer to the targeted plant life. Micro-irrigation tubing is used in a range of agricultural applications, including row crops, orchards, and vineyards. Polyethylene (typically formulated with carbon black) is ideally suited for this application because it is inert, exhibits high stability against UV rays, and can withstand agricultural chemical usage due to its high ESCR.


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