Food & Beverage Market

Food & beverage packaging is one of the largest segments in the overall PE market. It plays a critical role in ensuring food and beverage product safety, extending freshness, and offering consumers both convenience and shelf-appeal. Package design continues to evolve with both brand owner and consumers requiring highly differentiated and sustainable package structures which deliver strong consumer appeal while also achieving light-weighting and recyclability – all aspects which contribute significantly to the success of the packaged product.

Food Packaging Films

Mono and Multi-layered polyethylene bags are widely used to package a range of foods including fruits, vegetables, potatoes, waffles, pizzas, chicken and similar items. UNIPOL™ PE Products can readily produce mono and multi-layered coextruded films and complex lamination structures. They exhibit excellent room and low temperature film toughness, superior sealing performance and good processibility.

Beverage Bottles

Beverage bottles are used to package water, milk, juice and other beverages. Polyethylene is selected for these applications due to its outstanding organoleptic properties and one-step molding process.

Caps & Closures

The level of sophistication in closure and engineering design requirements has increased dramatically in the last five years. Consumers continue to look for ease of opening/resealing, product removal, safety/tamper evidence and ease of recyclability. Polyethylene is well-suited for this application because of good organoleptics, high stress crack resistance that resists edge cracking even under over-torqueing conditions and ability to be molded by either injection molding or compression molding.

Container Lids

Molded polyethylene container lids are widely used in both food and non-food reusable applications. Polyethylene is often the material of choice in lid applications since it can be molded with excellent dimensional tolerance, is capable of forming a tight seal and offers the optimum balance of stiffness and toughness.

Thermoforming & Sheet

Polyethylene sheet is used in fabrication of protective contour packs for food because it is easy to thermoform. Polyethylene is often selected for these applications due to its to ability to produce sheets of uniform thickness with optimum melt strength and superior performance properties.


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