Industrial Markets

Industrial markets require durable packaging materials for safe transport and long-term storage of bulk materials, including powders, pellets, and liquids. Key attributes include resistance to corrosion, maintaining performance under harsh environmental conditions, and the ability to meet strict regional and international transportation regulations for contained goods.

Blown & Cast Stretch Films

Stretch film is a highly stretchable film that is wrapped around bulk items to keep them unitized and protected during the entire shipping process. Stretch film is also used to protect appliances, furniture and other items during shipping and storage. Excellent stretchability, high recovery force retention, superior puncture resistance and ability to be fabricated at high production rates makes polyethylene an excellent choice for this application.

Heavy-Duty Shipping Sacks

Polyethylene heavy-duty shipping sacks were developed as an alternative to the paper shipping sack and the transition of goods packaged in paper sacks to polyethylene shipping sacks is still occurring. These sacks package lawn and garden chemicals, soil, water softening salt, plastic resins and other miscellaneous items. Excellent creep resistance and film toughness makes polyethylene an excellent choice for this application.

General Purpose Rotomolded Storage Tanks

Rotational molded tanks are used to store water, agricultural chemicals, and fuels. Polyethylene is often the material of choice for rotomolded tanks due to its excellent moldability, high stiffness, dimensional stability and high environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR).

Industrial Containers & Drums

Industrial drums are self-supported containers which hold 5 to 55 gallons. The tight-head drum is the most popular type of drum that is used for free-flowing liquids. The other type, the open-top drum, has a fully removable top or lid and is used to hold powders, pastes, and semi-liquids. UNIPOL™ PE Products are excellently suited for this application due to its light-weight, optimum balance of stiffness and ESCR, high Impact strength and parison stability during the extrusion blow molding process. Additionally, Low Flow Index capabilities of UNIPOL™ PE Resins allows participation in the L-Ring drum market segment.

Monofilament & Stretch Tape

Fibers and monofilaments are used for knitted scrims, ropes, cordage, cloth lines, furniture webs, and fishing lines. Other applications include craft-yarns and broom brush fibers. High tenacity and light-weight of the HDPE monofilament fiber makes polyethylene a preferred polymer for these applications.


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