Univation is an industry leader in the development and commercialization of advanced metallocene polyethylene products, including three generations of metallocene technology.

  • XCAT™ HP Metallocene Technology is the industry benchmark for highly engineered down-gauged films, offering the highest puncture resistance, very high dart impact strength resistance and excellent heat-sealing performance.
  • XCAT™ EZ Metallocene Technology is uniquely positioned for LDPE market penetration, offering an unprecedented combination of film processing and performance benefits. It is well-suited for applications such as greenhouse films, heavy duty bags, lamination and shrink films.
  • XCAT™ VP Metallocene Technology is the most recent metallocene generation and provides outstanding balance of film processibility and performance in a range of packaging applications (heavy duty shipping sacks, food packaging, stand-up pouches, etc.). XCAT™ VP Metallocene also opens up new market opportunities in traditional HDPE areas by providing down-gauging opportunities in HDPE injection molding applications.

Metallocene Blown & Cast Stretch Films

Stretch film made with blown or cast process is a highly stretchable film that is wrapped around bulk items to keep them secured and protected during the entire shipping process. Stretch film is also used to protect appliances, furniture, and other items during shipping and storage. XCAT™ Metallocene Products deliver product property differentiation enabling film down-gauging while maintaining excellent overall toughness properties such as dart impact, puncture resistance, and tensile strength. Film down-gauging provides significant sustainability attributes by reducing the amount of resin required to wrap a pallet or allowing higher recycle and reclaim incorporation for lower total waste.

Metallocene Agricultural Films (Greenhouse, Silage)

Agricultural films are used to improve crop cultivation and protect agricultural products before, during, and after harvesting. Applications include mulching, tunnels, bale wrap, silage, and greenhouse film. XCAT™ Metallocene LLDPE Products provide unit cost reduction through significant down-gauging, while maintaining performance at thinner gauge. XCAT™ Metallocene LLDPE Products also exhibit excellent melt strength and bubble stability, required for large blown film lines used in greenhouse film applications. XCAT™ Metallocene Products also provide significant improvements over conventional LLDPE in film mechanical properties, including tensile, puncture, optical, and dart performance.

Metallocene Films for Heavy Duty Sacks

Polyethylene shipping sacks were developed as an alternative to the paper shipping sack and the transition of goods packaged in paper sacks to polyethylene shipping sacks is still occurring. These sacks package lawn and garden chemicals, soil, water softening salt, plastic resins and other miscellaneous items. XCAT™ Metallocene LLDPE Products exhibit improved stiffness-toughness balance for either product differentiation or down-gauging, improved creep resistance, improved heat seal for package integrity and shelf-life. The down-gauging performance delivers an additional sustainability feature of significantly reducing packaging content without compromising overall sack performance.

Metallocene Food Packaging Films

Mono and multi-layered polyethylene bags are widely used to package a range of foods, including fresh produce, baked goods, frozen food, meat, poultry, cheese wrap, deli wrap/bags and candies. UNIPOL™ Metallocene PE Products can readily produce mono and multi-layered coextruded films and complex lamination structures. They exhibit excellent room and low temperature film toughness, superior sealing performance, and good processability.

Metallocene Injection Molding for Thin Wall Containers

XCAT™ VP Metallocene Technology opens new market opportunities in traditional HDPE applications, including injection molding for thin-walled container market applications. XCAT™ VP Metallocene Technology provides down-gauging opportunities for thin-walled injection molding applications such as drinking cups and single-service food containers.


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