Rotational molding resins from the UNIPOL™ PE Process are used in the most demanding rotomolded PE applications, including consumer segments (toys, canoes, kayaks), industrial uses (shipping containers, industrial chemical holding tanks) and agricultural uses (fertilizer storage, ag-chemical storage tanks, and other outdoor chemical storage tanks).

UNIPOL™ PE Products for rotomolded applications are considered to be industry benchmarks. They have excellent processability and an optimum balance of stiffness and ESCR that allow the resulting rotomolded tanks to be used in both chemical and water storage applications.

Agricultural Chemical Tanks

Agricultural chemical tanks are large tanks designed to store a wide range of agricultural chemicals, including liquid fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and other agricultural chemicals. UNIPOL™ PE Products are ideally suited for these applications because they provide the required stiffness to prevent tanks from buckling while also allowing for chemical resistance and weatherability. UNIPOL™ PE Products also have high ESCR that ensures the storage tanks will sustain a long-life.

General Purpose Rotomolded Storage Tanks

Rotational molded tanks are used to store water,agricultural chemicals, and fuels. UNIPOL™ PE Products are excellent for rotomolded general purpose tanks of many size and shapes and can also be produced in attractive colors. UNIPOL™ PE Products of varying densities and melt indices (MI) are available so that optimum grades can be selected based on specific applications requirements.

Consumer Sporting Goods

Consumer sporting good applications include kayaks, multi-person watercraft, toboggan, and sailboats. UNIPOL™ PE Products demonstrate excellent performance requirements for this market segment, including moldability, impact strength, appearance and weatherability.

Children’s Toys

Toys items include playhouses, sliding boards and children’s riding vehicles. UNIPOL™ PE Products are well-suited for this application due to their inert nature that make them generally safe for children, their ability to be molded with no sharp corners, light weight, attractive colors, toughness and weatherability.


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