To promote the on-going successful operation of your UNIPOL™ PE Plant, Univation Technologies provides expertise, resources and support across the entire life of your plant through our PREMIER™ Products and Services.

PREMIER™ Advanced Process Control System 3.0

A proprietary software designed to maximize production rates, optimize raw material utilization, manage efficient product transitions and enhance the overall operating performance of the UNIPOL™ PE Process.

UNIPOL™ PE Virtual Plant Simulator

The UNIPOL™ PE Virtual Plant Simulator (UVPS) enables your staff to practice and refine their operating skills. Virtual Plant Simulation training includes routine and non-routine operations, as well as highly realistic critical “what-if” scenarios for a comprehensive UNIPOL™ PE Process training experience.

UNIPOL™ PE Capacity Expansion Technology

UNIPOL™ PE Capacity Expansion Technology (CET) allows customers to bring additional polyethylene capacity into service, delivers a faster benefit from new feedstock opportunities, and enables an expanded market reach through newly added polyethylene production.

UNIPOL™ PE Plant Retrofits

Retrofit projects allow customers to access the full product capability of the UNIPOL™ PE Process, expanding with new resin products through new UNIPOL™ PE Catalysts to meet the latest demands for high-performing resins.

UNIPOL™ PE Technology Improvements Program

Provides the latest UNIPOL™ PE Technology improvements in product, process, operations, laboratory, engineering and UNIPOL™ PE Catalysts. Participation also allows access to our Global Technology Conference (GTEC), an annual technology exchange conference with companies from around the world experienced in operating UNIPOL™ PE Technology.

PREMIER™ Support and Training Services

Univation Technologies will customize technical support offerings, including tailored on-site technical support and specialized training services, to support customer’s needs and continuing success.


Let Univation’s experts assist you in exploring all the opportunities with UNIPOL™ PE Technology for your new PE projects or your existing UNIPOL™ PE Plant.