UNIPOL™ PE Products For LLDPE Film Applications

UNIPOL™ PE Products for LLDPE films are produced in large volumes in every region of the world and are used in a wide variety of packaging and non-packaging applications. UNIPOL™ PE Products for LLDPE Film provide reliable and secure film solutions from farm to table including, a full range of agricultural and food packaging films. Additionally, other UNIPOL™ PE Products for LLDPE Films are used in heavy duty shipping sacks and stretch-wrap applications to protect goods for shipping and also provide easy portability for consumers through a variety general purpose bags.

General Purpose Bags

UNIPOL™ PE Products for LLDPE Film are used for general purpose bag applications that include merchandise bags, carrier bags and other miscellaneous bags. UNIPOL™ PE General Purpose LLDPE Bags have excellent toughness, good heat seal strength and ability to be produced in several attractive colors and printed to reflect brand image.

Heavy Duty Shipping Sacks

Polyethylene shipping sacks were developed as an alternative to the paper shipping sack and the transition of goods packaged in paper sacks to polyethylene shipping sacks is still occurring. These sacks package lawn and garden chemicals, soil, water softening salt, plastic resins and other miscellaneous items. UNIPOL™ PE Products exhibit excellent creep resistance and film toughness making these grades an excellent choice for this application.

Blown & Cast Stretch Films

Stretch film is a highly stretchable film that is wrapped around bulk items to keep them unitized and protected during the entire shipping process. Stretch film is also used to protect appliances, furniture and other items during shipping and storage. UNIPOL™ PE Products demonstrate high stretchability, high recovery force retention, excellent puncture and ability to be fabricated at high production rates.

Food Packaging Films

Mono and multi-layered polyethylene bags are widely used to package a range of foods including fruits, vegetables, potatoes, waffles, pizzas, chicken and similar items. UNIPOL™ PE Products can readily produce mono and multi-layered coextruded films and complex lamination structures. They exhibit excellent room and low temperature film toughness, superior sealing performance and good processibility.

Agricultural Films (Greenhouse, Mulch, Silage)

Agricultural films are used to improve crop cultivation and protect agricultural products before, during and after harvesting. Applications include mulching, tunnels, bale wraps, silage, and greenhouse films. UNIPOL™ PE Products are highly preferred due to their ability to satisfy large film volumes demand for mulch and other agricultural applications. Furthermore, UNIPOL™ PE Products exhibit high melt strength required to produce large bubbles for greenhouse film and coextruded structures for silage film.


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