UNIPOL™ PE Products For Other PE Applications

UNIPOL™ PE Process produces a range of specialized HDPE products serving geomembrane, thermoforming, monofilament, and stretch tape applications. UNIPOL™ PE Geomembrane Products deliver environmentally sustainable solutions for range of infrastructure applications. Furthermore, UNIPOL™ PE Products are available for thermoformed applications requiring uniform and high-quality finished thermoformed parts. UNIPOL™ PE Products also serve in multiple monofilament and stretch tape applications providing light-weight and strong fibers.

Geomembrane for Water Conservation & Road Liners

Typical applications cover various electrical utilities uses, including electrical service conduit, insulation sleeves, jelly filled cables, telephone and coaxial cable conduit. Excellent flexibility, high ESCR, and high vapor / water barrier and long-life makes polyethylene well-suited for these applications.

Thermoforming & Sheet

Thermoforming is a process in which HDPE sheets are heated to a temperature where the sheet material is pliable and then sheets are formed into a mold either using vacuum or pressure. UNIPOL™ PE Products are excellently suited for thermoforming and sheet applications as they allow the formation of very uniform HDPE sheets required for thermoforming, provide optimum melt strength that minimized premature sag, and deliver excellent mold-filling ability to produce high-quality finished thermoformed parts.

Monofilament & Stretch Tape

Fibers and monofilaments are used for knitted scrims, ropes, cordage, cloth lines, furniture webs, and fishing lines. Other applications include craft-yarn and broom brush fibers. UNIPOL™ PE Products for these applications allow the production of high tenacity and light-weight HDPE monofilament fibers.


Let Univation’s Polyethylene Product Experts assist you in selecting the right UNIPOL™ PE Products to meet your customer’s PE applications needs.