Consumer Markets

Consumer markets refers to a broad range of products purchased by everyday end-users. The evolving trends and differentiated tastes of today’s consumers provides a challenge for suppliers who desire to stay at the forefront of customers preferences. Polyethylene allows suppliers to market their finished goods in an attractive, right-sized and sustainable package enabling them to remain at the frontiers of consumer trends.

Household Industrial Chemical (HIC)

Household and industrial chemicals bottles are used to package a wide variety of products including both liquids and powders. The contents of the bottle range from relatively inert soap powders to cleaning agents and lawn fertilizers. Polyethylene is well-suited for these applications due to its high stiffness and excellent ESCR properties which allow the household chemicals to have a long shelf life while also allowing for attractive and useful container design and sizes.

Personal Care

Consumer safety has made plastics the preferred material for the packaging of personal care products. Applications include cosmetics, fragrances and toiletries, hair care products, skin preparations, personal hygiene, eye care, nail polishes, and make up items. These bottles range in size from 0.5 ounce to 15-ounce sizes. Because of its inert nature, polyethylene does not interact with the packaged item giving the consumer the confidence in safety of the contained product. The bottle can also be molded into a range of shapes and sizes also pigmented into attractive colors that reflects quality and enhances brand image.

Grocery Bags / T-Shirt Bags

Grocery Bags/T-Shirt Bags market is the largest segment in retail bags and sacks, and merchandise Bags and are designed to carry merchandise from store to home. Polyethylene is selected for these bag applications due to its high strength at very thin gauges and its ability to be produced at high rates.

Trash & Can Liners

Trash and can liners are used to safely collect and remove day-to-day trash from school, offices and other environments. Polyethylene is often chosen because it offers excellent performance properties like dart impact strength, puncture resistance and tear strength which allows it to maintain excellent performance for trash liner applications.

Blown & Cast Stretch Films

Stretch film is a highly stretchable film that is wrapped around bulk items to keep them unitized and protected during the entire shipping process. Stretch film is also used to protect appliances, furniture and other items during shipping and storage. Excellent stretchability, high recovery force retention, superior puncture resistance and ability to be fabricated as blown and cast stretch film at high production rates makes polyethylene an excellent choice for this application.

General Purpose Containers

Polyethylene-based storage bins and containers are widely used for storage of household items. These bins and containers are readily molded into convenient sizes, they do not corrode, and they prevent damage during storage. UNIPOL™ PE Products are well-accepted into storage bin and container applications because they have superior impact strength and are corrosion proof and environmentally friendly. These resulting containers provide long shelf life for the contained items, deliver protection during storage, and have no adverse effect on the stored items.


Houseware applications include containers, kitchenware, baskets, laundry hampers, bathroom accessories, etc. Polyethylene is often the material of choice due to excellent moldability and optimum balance of stiffness and toughness.

Consumer Sporting Goods

Consumer sporting good applications include kayaks, multi-person watercraft, toboggan, and sailboats. Polyethylene is often the material of choice due to light-weight, toughness and excellent moldability.

Children’s Toys

Toys items include playhouses, sliding boards and children’s riding vehicles. Polyethylene is the preferred polymer for these applications due to its inert nature that makes it safe for children, ability to be molded with no sharp corners, light-weight, attractive colors options and toughness.

Motor Oil Bottles

Motor oil containers include bottles in a range of useful shapes and sizes. Polyethylene is excellently suited for this application because of its high stiffness and high ESCR that allows light-weighted containers while maintaining product shelf-life. It can easily be molded into desired bottle sizes and can be offered in attractive colors for increased shelf appeal.


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