Dedicated to Your Success - Project Start to Successful Start-Up

Your Project Support Team

A Univation Project Support Team – a specialized group of experts dedicated to the success of your UNIPOL™ PE Project – will guide you through the entire project execution process. From design and construction reviews, to commissioning checks, through final successful plant start-up, your Univation Project Support Team works with you to ensure a safe and successful project completion.

Comprehensive UNIPOL™ PE Engineering Design Reviews

Univation Process Design Engineers together with your team perform detailed process model reviews to ensure that every piece of equipment and every run of pipe is exactly where it should be.

Thorough UNIPOL™ PE Plant Construction Reviews

During the construction phase, a Univation team inspects your entire UNIPOL™ PE Plant site, reviewing the UNIPOL™ PE Process unit to ensure that everything conforms to Univation’s process design requirements.

Successful UNIPOL™ PE Plant Start-Up

Your Univation Start-Up Team works closely with you and your contractors to achieve a swift, smooth and successful plant start-up. The Univation Start-Up Team also reinforces critical operating skills learned in UNIPOL™ PE Operations Training to ensure successful long-term production.

On-going Support After Start-Up

You are never alone when you work with Univation. With our PREMIER™ Products and Services, your Univation support team is again ready to help you maximize return on your investment, capture new market opportunities, expand plant capacity and explore new options to enhance your UNIPOL™ PE Plant’s performance.


Let Univation’s experts assist you in exploring all the opportunities with UNIPOL™ PE Technology for your new PE projects or your existing UNIPOL™ PE Plant.