UNIPOL™ PE Technology delivers outstanding products, operational excellence, and importantly low environmental impact. The elegantly streamlined design of the UNIPOL™ PE Process offers unique advantages for the protection of our natural resources and the safety of employees and surrounding communities.

Minimal Emissions Enhance Environmental Compatibility

The UNIPOL™ PE Process effectively reduces plant emissions by minimizing emissions at the source. Its streamlined design and reduced equipment requirements offer significantly lower overall process emissions resulting in lower environmental impact.

The UNIPOL™ PE Process also uses no solvents or diluents – eliminating both the costs of associated recovery systems while removing the potential environmental impact.

Efficient Use of Land, Raw Materials & Utilities

The UNIPOL™ PE Process’ small plant footprint combined with low energy and water requirements means a reduction in required infrastructure, boilers and other support services – a further benefit to the environment.

Also, the UNIPOL™ PE Process’ specifically engineered resin pelleter design means a significant reduction in power requirements providing lower overall energy consumption.

Inherently Safer Than Alternative Technologies

The UNIPOL™ PE Process allows licensees to achieve compliance with required environmental, health and safety regulations – regardless of the country of operation. UNIPOL™ PE Plants are characterized by lower pressure and temperature operating conditions resulting in an outstanding global health and safety record.

Efficient Use of Polymers

UNIPOL™ PE Product Technology combined with specifically designed Univation catalysts produce stronger polymers with advanced performance. And for many product applications, down-gauging and light-weighting can be achieved without sacrificing end-use performance translating into a reduced environmental footprint.

Advanced and lasting performance properties of UNIPOL™ PE Products encourage reuse and repurposing of final products while also supporting local recycling programs – for our environment that means more efficient use of our resources and reduced polymer consumption.


Let Univation’s experts assist you in exploring all the opportunities with UNIPOL™ PE Technology for your new PE projects or your existing UNIPOL™ PE Plant.