UNIPOL™ PE Products For HDPE Film PE Applications

The UNIPOL™ PE Process is known worldwide for producing a variety of HDPE film products suitable for a broad range of applications. The high molecular weight, high-density product have excellent bubble stability and are capable of producing thin films at high extrusion rates. Key performance properties include high tensile strength and high dart impact strength.

Grocery Bags / T-Shirt Bags

The grocery/t-shirt bags market is one of the largest segments within the general retail bags/sack application area, where bags are designed to carry merchandise from store to home. UNIPOL™ PE Products are often the material of choice due to their high strength at very thin gauges and their ability to be produced at high rates.

Trash & Can Liners

Trash and can liners are used to safely collect and remove day to day light trash from our schools, offices and other environments. UNIPOL™ PE Products are often selected because they have excellent performance properties like high tensile strength, high dart impact strength, excellent puncture and Elmendorf tear strength, which allows the product to perform very well in trash and can liner applications.


Let Univation’s Polyethylene Product Experts assist you in selecting the right UNIPOL™ PE Products to meet your customer’s PE applications needs.