Irkutsk Polymer Plant LLC Selects Univation’s UNIPOL™ PE Technology for New Polyethylene Plant

HOUSTON - April 04, 2019 - Irkutsk Polymer Plant LLC has selected Univation Technologies’ UNIPOL™ PE Technology for a 650 kTA polyethylene plant to be located in Ust-Kut, Irkutsk region, in the Russian Federation.

Additionally, Irkutsk Polymer Plant elected to utilize Univation’s advanced resin product technology, including PRODIGY™ Bimodal HDPE Technology with production capability for bimodal applications such as ISO certified PE100 pipe, high-performance bimodal films and light-weighted bimodal blow molding bottles for Household, Industrial & Chemical (HIC) applications. Irkutsk Polymer Plant also selected Univation’s ACCLAIM™ Unimodal HDPE Technology with capability to produce advanced unimodal products including durable unimodal HDPE PE80 pipe, high environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR) large part blow molded (LPBM) drums and heavy-duty HDPE film liners.

Irkutsk Polymer Plant is also accessing Univation’s advanced process control system, PREMIER™ APC+ 2.0, which provides state-of-the-art process control and economic optimization capability for the UNIPOL™ PE Process. To enhance the training of its operations staff, Irkutsk Polymer Plant will utilize UNIPOL™ PE Virtual Process Software (UVPS) which is Univation’s latest platform for virtual plant simulation training for the UNIPOL™ PE Process.

“We are excited about this new world-scale UNIPOL™ PE Plant now underway by Irkutsk Polymer Plant and very pleased Univation was selected as their PE licensor for this important project,” said Dr. Steven Stanley, president of Univation Technologies. “This plant will provide Irkutsk Polymer Plant with the proven technology to deliver high performance products, consistent quality and maximum single-line capacity to produce both HDPE and LLDPE resins critical to meet Russian domestic needs and, importantly, demand growth in key export regions.”

Mr. Egor Fomin, director of Irkutsk Polymer Plant, commented, “Providing significant, high-quality PE resins to supply both Russian and export markets needs was an important objective for the Irkutsk Polymer Plant, and this new UNIPOL™ PE Plant creates the world-scale capacity required to achieve that goal.” Mr. Fomin added, “Project teams from both Irkutsk Polymer Plant and Univation Technologies have already formed productive, collaborative relationships, and we are pleased with the close support Univation had provided for this project as we move into design and construction phases, and as we look ahead to a successful plant start-up.”

About Irkutsk Polymer Plant, LLC

Irkutsk Polymer Plant is 100% subsidiary of Irkutsk Oil Company, LLC, which is one of the largest independent oil and gas producers in Russia focused mainly on the geological study, exploration and production of crude oil, condensate and natural gas. The company is implementing a gas utilization project which separates gas into components for enhanced monetization. Gas separation plants are supplied by Honeywell UOP. Irkutsk Oil Company is also building a world-scale Polyethylene Plant with annual capacity of 650,000 tons. For more information, visit

About Univation Technologies, LLC

Univation Technologies is the global leader in licensed polyethylene technology. Univation has a proven track record of delivering process, product and catalyst technologies as well as related technical services to the global polyethylene industry for more than 50 years. More than one-third of all HDPE and LLDPE resins produced globally is supplied by the industry-leading UNIPOL™ PE Process. Univation is also the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of conventional and advanced polyethylene polymerization catalysts designed specifically for the UNIPOL™ PE Process. For more information, visit

PRODIGY and ACCLAIM are trademarks of Univation Technologies. UNIPOL is a trademark of The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) or an affiliated company of Dow, licensed for use to Univation Technologies.

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