Kazanorgsintez PJSC (KOS) Joins Prestigious PE100+ Association Focused on Promoting PE100 Pressure Pipe Production, Quality & Application

HOUSTON - April 01, 2020 - On January 31, 2020, Kazanorgsintez PJSC (KOS) became a member of the PE100+ Association. As a globally recognized pipe industry organization, the PE100+ Association membership is comprised of leading polyethylene producers from around the world focused on a common objective of assuring “consistent quality at the highest level in the production and application of materials for PE100 pressure pipes.”

Founded in 1999, the PE100+ Association was formed just a few years after PE100 was first introduced to the market and originally consisted of just three European producers. With KOS joining as the newest member, the PE100+ Association has grown to include fourteen key PE100 pipe resin producers. The Association also includes an Advisory Committee of non-affiliated independent experts which provides overall administration of the PE100+ Association.

KOS operates three UNIPOL™ PE Reactor lines licensed by Univation Technologies, LLC, and all lines have been producing a wide range of PE resin grades since they were started up in 1983.

KOS combined their UNIPOL™ PE Process’ capability along with Univation’s PRODIGY™ Bimodal HDPE Catalyst to produce bimodal HDPE pipe resin allowing KOS’ entrance into the Russian pipe market in 2007. Since then, KOS has been diligently cultivating its pipe resin production quality and market presence to emerge as a leading PE producer for the Russian pipe industry. KOS past milestones of achieving both regional Russian pipe certifications as well as PE100 ISO certification has further served to elevate its strong regional market presence and credibility for its pipe resin.

Mr. Farid Minigulov, General Director of KOS commented, “Joining the PE100+ Association is a significant step in Kazanorgsintez’s journey as a leading Russian polyethylene pipe resin producer and convertor. As global standards and performance requirements evolve, we want to remain at the forefront of pipe production quality and technology, and our participation in the PE100+ Association plays an important role to enable KOS to collaborate with other top tier pipe resin producers, trade associations, and pipe industry experts.”

Dr. Steven Stanley, President of Univation Technologies, also provided his comments, “We applaud KOS joining the highly regarded PE100+ Association, which compliments their leadership position as a key PE100 pipe resin producer for the Russian market.” Dr. Stanley added, “Univation’s collaborative relationship with KOS has been maintained since the start-up of their first UNIPOL™ PE Process lines almost 40 years ago, and we look forward to supporting future KOS technology developments as they strive to push the frontiers of PE performance.”

About Kazanorgsintez PJSC
Kazanorgsintez PJSC is one of the largest enterprises in the Russian Federation (part of TAIF Group). It produces 40% of all Russian polyethylene and 100% of domestic polycarbonate. The product mix includes polyethylene, polyethylene pipes, phenol, acetone, bisphenol A, as well as polycarbonates. The total annual production is 1.7 million tons. The Company is the largest exporter of polyethylene among Russian producers, supplying its products to 31 countries worldwide. For more information, visit www.kazanorgsintez.ru

About Univation Technologies, LLC
Univation Technologies is the global leader in licensed polyethylene technology. Univation has a proven track record of delivering process, product and catalyst technologies as well as related technical services to the global polyethylene industry for more than 50 years. More than one-third of all HDPE and LLDPE resins produced globally is supplied by the industry-leading UNIPOL™ PE Process. Univation is also the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of conventional and advanced polyethylene polymerization catalysts designed specifically for the UNIPOL™ PE Process. For more information, visit www.univation.dow.com.

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